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Short term and long term holiday rentals!

No Accommodation - What to do?

The flight is booked! Your travel insurance paid for! Shopping for new clothing is completed, your bags are packed and arrangements have been made with your neighbour to feed Sammy, you cat, while you are on vacation in France! You will soon be on your way to the airport, but wait! What about accommodations? You have been trying to find the right accommodation in France for your stay but finding the right accommodation to meet your budget has been quite difficult and now, you are running out of time. What do you do? You have a major issue to solve because without the right accommodation, your stay in France will be ruined. Well, you have come to the right place – French Ollyday!

French Ollyday – The Solution to all your Accommodation Worries 

French Ollyday offers a variety of short term and long term accommodation options for those traveling to France and other parts of Europe. You can be guaranteed that after experiencing France while staying at one of our accommodation options such as our apartments, you will not want to return home!

Our Mission

Our Mission here at French Ollyday is to share our love and knowledge of France and other European countries with you by providing intimate and comfortable accommodation options at an affordable price. We strive to meet all of the needs of our clients, whether they are looking for something luxurious or on a budget. 


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy here at French Ollyday is to treat each and every rental, whether it is an apartment, a hotel room or a villa, as a trip of a lifetime so that you can experience and enjoy your stay not as a tourist but as a local.

Our Accommodation Options

Here at French Ollyday, we have a variety of accommodation options. You can choose from a studio apartment, an apartment with one or more bedrooms. You can choose for a short rental or a long rental. You can choose from budget quality, standard quality or luxurious quality. All of our apartments are fully furnished and have a kitchen, a living room, one or more private bathrooms, and internet, phone, cable or satellite television and air conditions. 

For our guests who have a bit more to spend, you can choose for an apartment with a roof top terrace or an outdoor garden patio. 

Features of French Ollyday

Are you wondering why you should choose us to make your accommodation arrangements? Here are a few benefits of relying on French Ollyday.


 No Unnecessary Hassles

We have made it your duty to eliminate all unnecessary hassles! We make sure that you have your apartment keys and all relevant travel information before arriving!


We have a team of travel professionals residing in the country of your choice who would be there to help or assist you if you were to need assistance with your apartment.

More that accommodation

We have more than accommodation to offer to you. Our website provides additional information on holidaying in France and other parts of Europe and our travel advisors can give you quality travel advice.


We guarantee you that you will be safe in each and every one of our accommodation option. We monitor our apartments and make sure that the necessary safety facilities are in place to guarantee your safety.






Below are a few comments of some of our satisfied clients who have enjoyed booking their accommodations with us!

My experience with French Ollyday was amazing. The communication was great and we did not experience any issues with booking our apartment nor with our stay. I highly recommend booking with French Ollyday.
By By Leslie R. Baker

Our rental experience was just amazing. We received our apartment keys and travel information package about two weeks before our trip which made is very easy for us once we arrived in France. Excellent service!
By James E. Sheppard

Help And Support

Specialist advice and guidance for choosing the accommodation that meets your needs and budget!