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Eat with Locals in Provence with Guest in the City

Visit Provence during your next trip to France

We all have heard about France and would love to visit that wonderful country. A few of us have been lucky enough to go there and enjoy the many, many things it has to offer. The rest have only dreamed about it. But all of us have fantasized with it at least once. There's just something to this country that you can't describe, but is there, so present, so vivid, in all French things. It's in its architecture, in the sound of its language, in its art, in its beautiful traditional music and, of course, in its cuisine. 

Going to France is all about experiencing that indescribable, amazing feeling. France is romance, poetry, elegance and so much more. It's sweet and melancholic and it’s full of human warmth. You can only encounter the true French spirit if you adventure out of the artificial, neutral micro-world created for tourism. Most French things that you can encounter in a traditional touristic package or tourist-oriented attractions are staged and not that authentic.

Most tourists purchase packaged tours and visit Paris, which is a wonderful city, but there is more to France than just Paris. For your next trip to France, make sure you head down South and visit Provence. Recognized as one of the most beautiful regions of France, Provence boasts a really nice climate (it is located by the Mediterranean Sea), authentic villages perched on hills, beautiful lavender fields, century-old olive trees, all surrounded by the delightful sound of cicadas.

A whole culinary experience

We should learn a lot about French people's eating habits. Particularly people who live in big cities like London have learned to mostly ignore food and just consider it another stop in our daily routines. We eat quick lunches and we don't really take the time and attention to taste and experience what we eat. The French people have this figured out, and they really take their time to enjoy their food. They are used to have long coffee conversations, dinners that last for hours, and meals with many different courses. 

There is a lot to enjoy in French cuisine. If you want to eat in France, even if you don't pick the best places, you will have an experience that will catapult you to another dimension of flavors, textures and scents. If you are lucky enough to find one of the best places to eat in France, you will simply hold on to your table and swear that you will never leave that country again.

You have to know which the best places to eat are. As a matter of fact, as you know, mostly all French food is good, but as you also know there is so much more to a French meal than the food itself. How it's served, the long meals sharing with people, the atmosphere, and so much more that you will hardly find in a mainstream restaurant or eating at your hotel. If this is the case, then where should you go to get a true French experience? Where is it hiding? The answer is actually very simple: eat with locals in Provence.

Eating with French locals

What is more French that a dinner at a local's house, with the whole family, at their table, tasting their everyday food? Well, nothing, of course. This is the best way to really get to know what French food is all about, how it feels and what it makes you experience. Picture yourself at that table, surrounded by French locals, eating just like them, with them. No staging, no artificial infrastructure. Just a bunch of French people and you. 


And here comes the question: how do I make it happen? Can I just walk into some random house and sit at their table? The answer is: no, you shouldn't do that, of course! But there actually is a way to eat with locals in Provence, or just how they say it, manger chez l habitant en Provence. There is a website called Guest in the City which connects tourists who want to taste the real France, with non-professional French hosts who are willing to open their houses to foreigners and share dinner with them for a very reasonable price. Some of them will even give you a room so you can spend the night at a real French house, and then wake up to a traditional breakfast. Guest in the City offers hundreds of authentic meals and activities in France, many of which actually happen in Provence. For more information, check Guest in the City's website,

This is something that you should at least consider; you will live nothing like this if you go to a hotel and stick to the mainstream touristic circuit. Provence and the real France are there, just there, but you have to make it happen. So for your next holiday in France, be a bit adventurous, you won't regret it!

Finally, you are likely to land in Paris if you are coming from abroad, although there are also flights to Marseille, Provence. So you may have to figure out how to get from Paris to Provence. Click here to find some useful information about the way to get from Paris to Aix en Provence, which is the most beautiful and authentic town in Provence.


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