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Eat with Locals in Provence with Guest in the City

Visit Provence during your next trip to France

We all have heard about France and would love to visit that wonderful country. A few of us have been lucky enough to go there and enjoy the many, many things it has to offer. The rest have only dreamed about it. But all of us have fantasized with it at least once. There's just something to this country that you can't describe, but is there, so present, so vivid, in all French things. It's in its architecture, in the sound of its language, in its art, in its beautiful traditional music and, of course, in its cuisine. 

Going to France is all about experiencing that indescribable, amazing feeling. France is romance, poetry, elegance and so much more. It's sweet and melancholic and it’s full of human warmth. You can only encounter the true French spirit if you adventure out of the artificial, neutral micro-world created for tourism. Most French things that you can encounter in a traditional touristic package or tourist-oriented attractions are staged and not that authentic.

Most tourists purchase packaged tours and visit Paris, which is a wonderful city, but there is more to France than just Paris. For your next trip to France, make sure you head down South and visit Provence. Recognized as one of the most beautiful regions of France, Provence boasts a really nice climate (it is located by the Mediterranean Sea), authentic villages perched on hills, beautiful lavender fields, century-old olive trees, all surrounded by the delightful sound of cicadas. Read More...


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My experience with French Ollyday was amazing. The communication was great and we did not experience any issues with booking our apartment nor with our stay. I highly recommend booking with French Ollyday.
By By Leslie R. Baker

Our rental experience was just amazing. We received our apartment keys and travel information package about two weeks before our trip which made is very easy for us once we arrived in France. Excellent service!
By James E. Sheppard

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